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Welcome to IBIZA ADMINISTRATION - What is a Gestor?

A gestor is a general purpose consultant who can make your life in Spain much easier.

Working in an office known as a gestoría, he or she acts as an intermediary in your relations with the various official bodies. He knows the workings of many council and local government corridors and is usually able to obtain an official permit or document far quicker than you could on your own – even if you were fluent in Spanish.

 Every Spanish town has one or more gestors. They are a necessary part of life because Spanish government and council officials are notoriously slow and nit-picking. Bureaucratic procedures are archaically complex and have to be slavishly followed to the letter. However, rather than single-handedly wrestling with these bureaucrats you can sit back and let a gestor do the dragon-slaying for you.

A gestor is generally efficiently attentive to his clients and his fees are normally very reasonable.

Non-residents: If you are not resident in Spain, then a gestor will make sure that the bills get paid and that your home is still there and waiting for you when you return.

The average Spaniard would not consider trying to obtain certain permits and licences without using a gestor. So why try to survive without using a gestor?

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Gestoría administrativa Ibiza

Gestoria Ibiza

Le ayudamos a realizar sus gestiones administrativas en Ibiza y Formentera, dándole una información detallada sobre los procedimientos, documentos que deben aportar, plazo legal para realizarlos, organismos encargados de su gestión etc. Desde las tareas administrativas más sencillas y rutinarias hasta las más técnicas y elaboradas: a todas se les presta la misma atención.  Página en Español

Behördengänge auf Ibiza

Behördengänge Ibiza

Wenn es um Ihre behördlichen, steuerlichen, geschäftlichen oder privaten Angelegenheiten auf Ibiza oder irgendwo anders in Spanien geht, sollten Sie immer einen persönlichen Verwalter/Berater (Gestór) zur Hand haben.

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